Roof Shingle Selection: What will stand out

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When looking at a home, 70% of the view is of the roof.

Think about that statement for a minute. Now think about how much time the average homeowner spends keeping their roof looking (and performing) at peak performance. On average, a home owner will inspect/make changes to their roof every 8-10 years. Not that much is it? We are all guilty as homeowners, but the truth is, adding or updating your roof can be the biggest investment you can make to your house. Roof shingle selection (or metal, slate, etc.) will make a huge impact on the appeal of your home. Let’s look at roof shingle selections that stand out

Designer Dimensional Shingles

The cream of the crop, and the most difference you can make to your home, is with a designer shingle. Designer shingles are the manufactures top of the line shingle system, usually designed with a unique pattern. Modern day houses are mass produced, the the majority of these houses are built with the same products (slight variations). If lucky, the home owner will get a low/medium grade dimensional shingle… and so will his/her neighbor… and their neighbor… and so on. My point is, besides a slight difference in color, they all look the same. Yes, they keep your house dry, and they are a solid shingle to put on any roof. The Blue Roof Company installs them all the time, and for most home owners, they are a great fit of quality, look, and price. The outliers on the other hand, the home owners that want to stand out in the neighborhood, go with a designer dimensional shingle. When driving through the neighborhood, these homes really stand out. They ooze high end quality, and reflect the home owners dedication to making their house beautiful.

A few roof shingle selection examples

Owen Corning Berkshire Shingle Roof Shingle Selection The Blue Roof Company
One of the most beautiful shingles you can put on your home. If you want to stand out in a crowd, this is the shingle for you. It comes in 5 color variation, and has one of the best warranties in the industry. It will turn ANY home into a high end, curb appeal, bring over the in-laws, masterpiece. Seriously though, it stands out more than anything on the market and can instantly increase the value of your home.

Roof Shingle Selection
CertainTeed Carriage House
A personal favorite of ours is the Certain Teed Carriage House shingle. It’s a unique roof shingle selection that will set you house apart from the others, and offers a historical manor type design that has been popular for decades. It doesn’t always fit every home, but when it does, look out. It’s one of the few shingles you can see as soon as you pull down the street or driveway.
Roof Shingle Selection GAF CamelotGAF Camelot Shingle
Another shingle we like to recommend it GAF’s Camelot shingle. When we sit down with home owners to go over roof shingle selection, quite a few don’t want the dramatic look that some of the previous shingles offer. Instead, they would prefer a roof shingle selection that is different when you get close, but not a huge step from the norm. This is when we suggest the Camelot series of shingle. Not to mention, the GAF brand can come with a lifetime warranty.

Whatever your style may be, or whatever budget you have in mind, let our team help you through the process. Here at The Blue Roof Company we have seen hundreds of roofs, styles, and colors, so we can help our customers make the best investment. Give us a call today, and let one of our experts guide you through the design process. 859-869-4487

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